All About iCompile Searches

Established in 2010, iCompile was formed to explore the Property Search market and offer an alternative to the previously mass used system of searches being ordered by fax, phone or postal method.

With the aim of building a simple and intuitive, yet cost effective solution for solicitors and conveyancers alike, we started on with our vision to a new way of working which would make life easier, less stressful and inevitably much quicker for search results to be ordered and returned. Our Ethos was to provide our partners with one platform which meets all of their requirements.
With this in mind, iCompile Searches was formed at a tough time for the search industry as the Home Information Pack fiasco was drawing to a conclusion, leaving many companies and individuals in disarray and uncertainty regarding their futures. Producing literally a handful of orders we were exploring every opportunity to break into a tough market at a volatile time, and 3 months in were given out first big break. After a successful demonstration of the capabilities of our platform, we were able to secure our first significant contract. The understanding this firm showed to make real change and evolve to a fully integrated online service, gave iCompile Searches the springboard to build, with a further 25 firms signing up over our first year of trading.

In the words of Charles Darwin:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”

The coming years saw rapid growth for the company with property search numbers doubling year on year. Processes were streamlined, additional staff recruited and a stronger infrastructure was built. Today, iCompile regularly complete thousands of searches every year for a myriad of partners throughout England and Wales and offer bespoke packages dependant on their needs and requirements.

Our belief is a strong set of core values which include honesty, integrity and a vision for exceeding the standards of our competitors in the industry. By working together we believe we can achieve our goal of becoming the “UK's leading Search brand” and enhance a mutually beneficial proposition for all.

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for tomorrow...Speak with one of our team and see what we can offer your business!