Our Partners

iCompile Searches work with a range of specialist industry partners who were chosen for their knowledge and products which they supply to market. We have detailed a short paragraph on each partner below:

The Coal Authority

The Coal Authority specialise in providing mining reports and property search services. They manage the effects of past coal mining in order to promote public safety and safeguard the landscape.


Landmark Environmental

Landmark is Britain’s leading supplier of environmental information property search information providing digital mapping, planning and environmental risk information as well as comprehensive geographic solutions.



Groundsure are a leading entity in the environmental industry offering a range of knowledge and expertise around the reports they supply. Groundsure provide services to the legal, financial, real estate and corporate sectors.


Argyll Environmental

Agryll are a premier risk management consultancy, specialising in environmental due diligence and risk assessment for commercial property, high end residential properties and agricultural land transactions.


Pin-Point Chancel

Pinpoint Chancel offer Chancel Repair Liability Searches for both residential and commercial properties, designed to indentify Historical Parishes where a continuing Chancel Liability may exist.


Land Registry

Land Registry keeps a register of titles to freehold and leasehold land throughout England and Wales. On behalf of the Crown, it guarantees title to registered estates and interests in land, giving greater security of title and providing protection against claims of adverse possession.


Severn Trent Searches

Severn Trent Searches is one of the leading providers of conveyancing searches in the Midlands. Providing the official CON29DW drainage and water enquiries for both residential and commercial properties.


Thames Water Searches

Thames Water has over 10 years' experience as an official provider of the CON29DW, and understands the importance of quick and accurate searches for its partners.


Geodesys Water

Geodesys, part of Anglian Water is the leading provider of land and property information in the east of England, supplying accurate and reliable search reports for properties throughout England and Wales.


Source for Searches

Source for Searches / Southwest Water is a Part of the Pennon Group plc, providing water and waste water services throughout Cornwall, Devon and areas of Dorset and Somerset.


Safe-Move Water

Safe-Move is a trading arm of Yorkshire Water which was established in 2001 to provide drainage and water searches to conveyancing customers. It provides a fast, reliable and customer focused service.


Northumbrian Water Solutions

Northumbrian Water provide essential information regarding the water and sewerage services for all residential and commercial properties in the North east of England.


Wessex Searches

Wessex Searches is provided by Wessex Water, Bristol Water and Sembcorp Bournemouth Water and provide the official CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry in the Wessex Water region.


Southern Water

Southern Water provides water and wastewater services for any potential property purchase around Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight regions.


United Utilities Water

United Utilities Water provide detailed information of the water and wastewater services for any potential property purchase in the North West of England.


Welsh Water

Welsh Water provide detailed information of the water and wastewater services for any potential property purchase in Wales.


Cornwall Consultants

Cornwall Consultants provide a specialist service based in Devon and Cornwall to assess information relating to mining factors and the environment of the West Country.


Stewart Title Insurance

Stewart Title Limited is a title insurance company regulated by the Financial Services Authority and a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Guaranty Company.



LexisNexis are one of the UK’s leading data solution providers, offering services that are utilised by a wealth of organisations from SME’s to FTSE 100 listed companies.


To become a partner of iCompile Searches, contact one of our Management team now on 0845 257 9750 to assess any common synergies or goals.