iCompile offer a full suite of both Residential and Commercial property searches at market leading rates, which include:

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  • Searches Bundles

    Typical Bundle discounts are added when ordering 3 or more documents together, with at least one of the documents being a Personal Local Authority Search.

    Other searches to be ordered in conjunction can include:

    • Personal Drainage Search
    • Environmental Search (Landmark or Groundsure)
    • Chancel Search
    • Plan Search Plus
    • Official Drainage Search
    • Coal Search
    • Flood Search
    • Street Talk
  • Local Authority Searches

    Our platform offers the choice of a Regulated Local Authority Search or a Council Local Authority Search for the purpose of a Residential Transaction.  The documentation contained within each search is the same, but the route to collating the information is different.  A Regulated search would involve either manually, or electronically interrogating the Local Authority information held within the Land charges data base, Highways register and Building Control.  A Council Local Authority Search would go through the same process, but with a staff member of the Local Council collating that information.

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    All Regulated Local Authority Searches are provided with Specialist Search Insurance of up to £2M from Stewart Title.  In addition, iCompile offer a fixed national price for a Regulated Local Authority Search - Please ask one of our team if this is of interest.

    • Regulated Local Authority Search
      (Previously known as Personal)
    • Council Local Authority Search
      (Previously known as Official)
  • Drainage Searches

    With 10 different Drainage and Water companies In England and Wales, we offer a simple route to attain the information you need from one platform. Both the Private and Official Drainage and Water Searches can be ordered on-line, with many now seeing the Private search as the more cost effective option with fixed pricing available throughout England and Wales. However, certain questions may be omitted dependant on the Water Company and information made available at the point of search.

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    Any questions which cannot be answered will be insured under our specialist search insurance which covers any claims up to £2m for error or omission.

    • Private Drainage and Water Search
    • Official Drainage and Water Search
  • Environmental Searches

    iCompile are proud to work with the 2 leading entities in the environmental sector - Landmark and Groundsure.  Offering a full array of the Products they supply, we have detailed below a short list of the most popular products ordered.  The products supplied offer an array of information around contaminated land, subsidence, flooding, mining and many other environmental factors. The current hot topic appears to be High Speed 2 and the houses this affects.

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    Should you not find what you are looking for, simply give us a call and we will be happy to help with your request.

    • Landmark Environmental Search
    • Landmark Homecheck Environmental Search
    • Groundsure Environmental Search
    • Groundsure Homescreen Environmental
    • Landmark Homecheck Flood Report
    • Groundsure Flood
    • Subsidence Report
    • High Speed 2 (HS2)
  • Coal Mining

    Coal mining reports are particularly important in certain parts of England and Wales and form an essential part of many Solicitors or Conveyancers general search requirements. Again we have detailed below the most popular searches ordered, but if we have missed anything please let us know.

    • Coal & Brine Search
    • Coal Mining Search Certificate
  • Chancel Search

    The liability for chancel search ends in October 2013 and we have seen a massive increase in orders as the church hurries to ensure any claims for costs are in place.  Our partner for Chancel Searches is Pinpoint chancel, and they ensure results are received back within minutes. All searches are underwritten by Aviva Insurance for complete peace of mind.

    • Chancel Search
  • I.D Checks

    Our AML I.D checks are now provided with Equifax Credit Agency Data, meaning an enhanced pass verification rate for your clients.  Typically a report will be completed within 30 minutes and will be sent back electronically.  The check works on a points scoring system with each client needing 20 points to receive a “PASS”. The check looks at items such as the Electoral role, Previous credit, Telephone data base, mortality sanction, CCJ's, Insolvency, Property transactions etc.

    • AML I.D. Check
  • Land Registry Searches

    Offering a simple route to order all your documents in one system, we supply a number of Land Registry searches directly from our platform.  The most common searches are below, but again if you would like to add other searches to your log in area, please get in touch.

    • Title Plan
    • OC1
  • EPC's

    We are able to supply EPC's throughout England and Wales. If a client is selling or renting their home, they must order an EPC for potential buyers and tenants before beginning the marketing process. The property will then receive an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and will be valid for 10 years.

    • EPC
All orders received will be processed immediately and you will be informed of any outside delays if or when, we are made aware of them.

Many more products can be ordered upon request, speak with one of our team now on 0845 257 9750 or simply fill in our Contact Us form to discuss your requirements.